Secretary Report, 2018 BHRC AGM.

BHRC have had another fantastic year which came to a thrilling finale at Westpoint last week end. The club continues to go from strength to strength, membership is increasing each year and we have considerably more junior members.
I have to start by thanking my fellow committee members. You are a fantastic bunch and committee meetings are a great laugh. We all pull our weight at the events held through the year and this shows with the continued high entries.
Kate has been our rock this year. Not only does she look after Gem beautifully, she has put the club on an even keel, I am truly thankful it is she, not I, who is you Chair.
Deana takes assorted cash, cheques, BACs transfers and invoices and somehow makes sense of the whole thing. I am truly thankful that it is she, not I, who is your treasurer.
Sara as our health and safety officer is the voice of reason, she has also sorted out our entire H&S folder and got us new first aid kits. It is thanks to her that we can now all draft a risk assessment
Jill organises our showing shows and is the voice of Strictly. This means I can enjoy these events far more because I don’t have the responsibility of running them. It is no coincidence that the only event Gem and I competed in this year was Strictly.
Joy organises our dressage events. For the summer DL this year she handed me all the dressage sheets for each of the 4 events sorted into classes and dated, fixed with a rubber band. Brilliant
Georgina and Jane are taking on the new role of organising events for our juniors. Jane is our CP officer and Georgina has lots of plans for our juniors next year.
Emma is our baby and has taken on the role of sorting out our web site, for which I am extremely grateful. She has put the interactive calendar on our events page, which is amazing.
We all work extremely hard for the club, not always easy as we all work and have other commitments. We know we have some gaps in our curriculum! We don’t have a named person to organise show jumping or cross country so we double up and we don’t have anyone on the committee to collate Area teams. so if you feel you could add a little to our RC year and feel like a laugh, please consider joining our committee. We meet about 11 times a year, usually the second Monday of the month, here at 7.30 pm.
On a personal note, Gem was semi-retired at the beginning of this year, she has gone to live with Kate, Sauber, the donkeys, cats and dogs. Far from feeling left out, I have had a great time helping at events. You see things in a different perspective when you are on the ground, and I get to talk to lots of people, especially all our lovely helpers. It is so nice to put out an email asking for help and people offering, or in some cases, offering without being asked, thank you one and all.
I am confident that the club will continue to thrive far into the future. We already have plans next year for training, clear round jumping, a trip to Windsor horse show, dressage competitions, dressage to music, two shows, Westpoint quadrille and Strictly, to name just a few. My therapy is ongoing and my physiatrist is confident that by early August I will be able to say the words ‘Riding Club Summer Camp’ without twitching! Karen and Camp are booked for 3rd and 4th August.
Thank you for your ongoing support of the club, we will re-group in 2019.
Tricia Budd, secretary.

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