Meet the Committee Members


Kate Hopper

Chairwoman, first aid, show jumping/cross country training, musical ride/quadrille training and data protection.

I started working professionally with horses in 1982 & obtained my BHSAI in 1984. After a career of nearly 20 years injury forced me to make changes so I am now a 'hobby' rider but very fortunate to live & keep my pony & donkeys on the Blackdown Hills. BHRC is the first riding club I have been a member of & it has been invaluable in keeping in contact with those involved with horses & keeping up to speed with training.

I rescued Sauber in 2008 as a yearling. He was just one of many but he, for some reason stayed here & now has a forever home. Fortunately he enjoys his dressage, particularly D2M, & I am your coordinator for quadrilles, musical rides & D2M, with a truly amazing ground crew.


Tricia Budd

Secretary, first aid, Juniors and data protection

This is my much loved, once in a lifetime horse; Gem. Gem came into our lives as a two-year-old from the gypsies at Stow Fair and has been with us ever since. Now 28 she is enjoying semi-retirement at the top of the Blackdown Hills with Sauber and two donkeys. Gem and I excel in dressage-to-music; which is quite extraordinary as Gem is now almost totally deaf. None of us knows what the future has in store for us, and eventually I know I will have to make the hardest decision of my life, but for now we are enjoying our hacks and the occasional D2M competition. Gem has taught me so much and taken me to places I only dreamed of as a child. Twelve years ago I introduced her to side saddle and we competed in both dressage and showing aside. We continue to enjoy our time with the club; we have made so many friends and we owe BHRC and the fabulous people associated with it a debt of gratitude. Tricia


Sara Llewellyn

Health & Safety

My name is Sara Llewellyn and I am apparently an Honorary member of the riding club (its only because I’m old!). I joined the BHRC when I first moved to Taunton in 1994. I own / have owned a number of horses/ponies over the years – many rescued. This lad is my Spanish boy, whom I fell in love with on a Spanish riding holiday and brought home with me. I can often be found shouting encouragement from the side-lines and making a mess of putting together a dressage arena.


Deana Rowland

Treasurer & Training

Hi everyone, I'm Deana Rowland and have been a member of this club for many years, I joined when I'd had my first horse 'Megan' for a couple years and wanted to do a bit more than hacking, the club gave me such warm friendly support it gave me confidence to try all sorts of things, they still do, my horse 'Mr C' I have now is new to me and again trying things for the first time on him. Took on the Treasurer role quite sometime ago and enjoy it very much.


Emma pearce

First aid, website manager, polework/jumping and cross country training and data protection.

Hi I’m Emma and this is my horse Boris, and Boomerang the cat. I am an active member of the BHRC on foot and on horseback. Boris is a 15hh Quantock, he hasn’t done much yet, but we are going to start going to riding club events and do more training and he really enjoys our outings. I retired my chestnut pony Teatime this year, he’s enjoying life in the paddock and still hacking out with my friends or my mum. Teatime is one amazing pony and achieved so much with his dressage. We represented the club with other members for last 2 years at the Quadrille competition at The Equine Fair at Westpoint.

I am in charge of the website (with help from my husband Matt) and really enjoy keeping it all up to date and making sure you all get to see whats happening in the club. I also organise polework/jumping and cross country training sessions.


Jill Perrior

Show Secretary


Jane Palfrey

Child Protection


Georgina Palfrey


Joy Brown

Dressage Coordinator


Sylvia Paine

Hi everyone. Introducing my lovely boys. Max, grey Irish Sport and Thomas, my cob. Max is 25 years and we have done all sorts over the years we have been together. He is now semi-retired but still capable of a dressage test - including a few spooks! Thomas, my new boy, is 8 years old and we are just getting to know each other. I have been a member of BHRC for a few years now and have and still thoroughly enjoy this friendly club. Sylvia


Mia PErham