January Newsletter

Hi All & a Happy New Year to you

Now since our antics at Westpoint & the AGM/Christmas party, the riding club has taken a little bit of a break over the festive period to allow all a well-earned rest & as such Trish was a little concerned there was nothing to go in this month’s newsletter! S,o being the diligent teacher that she is, she set us (the committee) all homework & asked us all to write a piece for you.  Now I have to confess I was not the best pupil at school……………….. Kate H x


Flat work with Karen Court and Grid work with Ros Kemp.

6.30pm start in the indoor arena. £20 per hour session, No more than 3 members in each session. 

Grid work training with Ros Kemp 

23rd January 
6th February 
13th February 
13th March 

Flat work training with Karen Court 

30th January
20th February 
27th February 
6th March 

If you’d like to join in please contact me Deana Rowland either by text message 07841012410 or email deanarowland2@aol.com to put your name down. 

Payment is required at least 7days before session date and will secure your place. Late bookings will be taken if space allows. Cancellation policy is on the website. 

The rest is from me – Tricia.

We are now well into 2019 and Gem has started to shed her winter coat which must mean BHRC is ready to play. We have two new committee members, Sylvia and Mia, who have lots of exciting ideas, Georgina and Jane have great plans for the juniors and the rest of the committee have put their heads together and planned lots for 2019.  But the rest is down to you!

We are putting teams together for Area 12 competitions, the juniors will be performing a musical ride at Strictly, camp is booked for the 3rd and 4th of August, Deana and Kate are in the process of booking more training, the Spring Show is booked, what else would you like. Contact Kate, Deana or myself and we will try our best, but we may be calling you for help!

We have had a huge amount of membership forms submitted this month. All I received before today have gone to BRC Head Office. In theory we should get our membership cards by the end of January. If you are concerned about your membership, email me, I can give you your unique membership number so that you can join in on the training etc.

Gem has just turned 28 and as she is thriving at the top of the Blackdowns with Kate, we may surprise you yet and do a bit of dancing and prancing ourselves in the spring.

Below are the 2019 committee with just one of the roles they undertake!

Kate Hopper – chairwoman

Most of you will know me & my pony, Sauber, & I have two donkeys, Lotus & Cosworth.  Some of you may realise there is a theme going on here – I am a massive Formula 1 fan.  I also have four cats, Jenson, Lewis, Sterling & Moss and two huskies (hence the email address – nothing to do with my voice!) Farina & Coulthard.

There are some Sundays that you will not see me at our events – these are dates that I have not chosen – as I will be glued to a tv watching motor racing.  As you may well be aware it is not a cheap sport to participate in, in any form so nowadays I seek my ‘need for speed’ from racing my huskies.  Hardly the same thing you may think but trust me just inches from the ground with nothing but your voice for control & very little in the way of breaks – if that rabbit or deer pops up in front of your team, you pulling on bicycle breaks is not going to stop them, believe me! – at 20 mph it’s quite a thrill.  And they say riding a horse is dangerous….Kate x

Tricia Budd – secretary

I have been a keen BHRC member and competitor for more years than I care to remember. Last year was a huge change for me. Gem left DIY livery at Paddocks and went to live with Kate Hopper. As she was then 27, I assumed that this would be the ideal time to retire her.  Surely, she would appreciate a quiet life? Not Gem! She made it clear she was more than happy to join in with the quadrille training, we went to the beach and paddled in the sea, we went to Westpoint and got filthy cantering around the warm-up arena, and we won Strictly! With the help and back-up of so many lovely people and non-more so than Kate herself, Gem is now 28 and hacking out like a youngster. I have no set plans for 2019, experience has taught me to live for the moment. But Gem is happy and healthy and when I can get back into my show jacket, we hope to be out strutting our stuff again.

Sylvia Paine – Emotional Support (For now!)

I have been a member of BHRC since moving to Somerset 5 years ago. I’m not quite sure how it happened but I’m now a committee member (blame Kate!)  Nor am I sure what my role is to be but time will tell.  I have often helped at the spring and autumn shows and have really enjoyed that.  

I have 2 horses, Max my 24 year old Irish Sport,  some of you will have met, we have done some of the dressage competitions at Paddocks, prior to moving here we did some Le Trec (versatile and full) and have this winter taken part in the online trec. Great fun.  I also have Branston, a very young 7 year old dark bay Cob, typical cob -totally food originated- having had problems with a poorly fitted saddle and then biting problems. We are what you might call a project in progress!  If I ever get to do a dressage test with him it will be an amazing eureka moment…..

Well that’s me and mine, I hope to get to know more of you through this next year   Sylvia

Emma Pearce – Website

I am really looking forward to 2019. I have my new horse Boris. He’s only young and needs work. So looking forward to bringing him to riding club activities and aiming to start doing walk and trot dressage tests on him. Teatime is semi-retired now but I’m sure I will do some dressage with him and bring him to some clear round jumping – he loves that!!!

Deana Rowland – Treasurer

Hi everyone, ‘Treasurer’ what do I do? I try to keep track of payments coming and those going out, basically! sometimes a little confusing but on the whole it’s straight forward, references are the key to any easy life, so please try to remember that when paying into BHRC account. Our committee meetings once a month are great, good chance to catch up with everyone,  not having a horse to ride at the moment makes it all the more important to me to feel a part of the club and know what’s happening out there in our horsey world. 

We’ve organised training,  both flat work and grid work, that’ll I’ll be taking bookings for, looking forward to catching up with you regulars from last year and welcome any one else wanting to join in.

I am looking to find myself another horse, not an easy task, word of mouth of course is the best way often to find the good ones, I’m hoping to find, a slimmer build horse, around 15.2hands, with a bit of active life experience, around 10years old, to be generally happy in its own skin temperament wise, must enjoy schooling/dressage, be happy hacking the country lanes and country side without too much drama, I’d prefer a gelding.  So, hey ho , may be you’ll know of something that would suit me. Happy 2019 everyone.  


Chairwoman – Kate Hopper, Pleasant House, Clayhidon, Cullompton, Devon. EX16 3TS.   07707815610


Secretary – Tricia Budd, 24, Newlands Grove, Ruishton, Taunton, Somerset. TA3 5JJ. 01823 442597 triciabudd24@gmail.com

Treasurer – Deana Rowland, Coombe Hill House, Symonsburrow, Hemyock, Devon. EX16 3XA. 01823 680021 deanarowland2@aol.com

Sara Llewellyn – Health and Safety

Jane Palfrey – Child Protection

Joy Brown – Dressage

Georgina Palfrey – Juniors

Jill Perroir – Shows

Emma Pearce – Website

Mia Perham – Show Jumping

Sylvia Paine – Emotional Support!


For Christmas I got a new computer and I have been going through the archives of the old one. Above is a photo from our Open Show held at Willand in 2005. Charlotte and Gem are there, possibly Jill King? Anyone recognize the other two, I suspect it was the veteran class. I have many more old photos; do you have any from years gone by? Send them to me and I will do a “Back in the old days” section! l

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