April Newsletter

By Tricia Budd

Happy Easter! We have a champion in our midst! Committee member Sylvia Paine and Max have just been awarded the Newcomer, Reserve Champion, online, International Trec League; awarded by Trec Riders Club! Sylvia was at pains to point out to me at the last committee meeting that she is not an expert; until today, I had believed her! She gave a talk to the juniors, showed them her beautiful rosette and sash and set up a course of obstacles in her school for them to try. We are all now hooked and want to have a go!

I spent the most fantastic time with some of our juniors at their Easter Rally. We all met up at Sylvia’s yard where they bandaged tails, practised Le Trec manoeuvres in the school and then used up the rest of their energy on an Easter egg hunt – well done to Gracey who won with 11 eggs. Sylvia’s lovely horse Max had been feeling a little lonely and thoroughly enjoyed all the fuss and like the gentleman that he is, welcomed us to his yard and allowed us to take over. Thank you to all the mums, dads, aunties, uncles and grandparents who support the juniors and BHRC, we are very grateful and cannot do it without you. I am now the junior coordinator with lots of things planned for the rest of the year!

Spring show – What a fantastic day! The weather was beautiful, the horses gleamed, everyone had a smile on their face and Jill Perrior and her team worked tirelessly all day. I wandered around picking up poo’s and talking to people – I had a wonderful time. Jill and I commented on how many members attended, we had to use our emergency supply of member’s rosettes!

Results at the bottom of this newsletter. A special mention needs to go to junior member Zayna, who took control of the BHRC camera and took some lovely shots, so good in fact that we were able to sell them, making even more profit for the club.

April Dressage at Conquest – We are still taking entries so let Joy know sooner rather than later what you are going to be entering!

Calling all Juniors – we have already held 2 junior rallies this year, with more planned. The next one will be on Tuesday 28th of May; 11.00 am – 12.00 (during half-term.) It will be at Paddocks with Karen Court. The cost will be £5.00 for 1 hour. There will be some ridden and non-ridden activities, you are welcome to bring your pony, or come on foot. If you contact me and tell me what you would like to do, Karen and I will do our best to put things on that you want.

Emma Pearce has made a ‘junior’ page on our website. On there are some things that may be of interest to you. However, we would like you juniors to send us things as well. It may be a report on a schooling session, a new goal you have reached with your pony; or a new pony – or a new horse! Please do not worry if you are concerned about spelling mistakes or that your teacher has told you to open each paragraph with a fronted adverbial (and you can’t remember what one is) I will sympathetically edit. Those of you old enough to use Facebook can (and do) contact me via messenger. Others will need to ask a responsible adult first. Don’t forget that juniors can join in every event we hold.

Training – from Deana Rowland – Continuing our flat work training with Karen Court at ‘Paddocks’ on Saturday mornings. From 10am. £20 per session.

25th May; 8th & 22nd June; 13th & 27th July

No more than 3 members in each session. Please contact me via text 07841012410 or email deanarowland2@aol.com to book your place. All monies to be paid up front to secure places, cancellation policy as on website. Look forward to hearing from you, Deana

NatWest – sort code 60-23-05, account no; 74506439

Blackdown Hills Riding Club

Please state you surname and ‘training’

Training – a report on training by Emma Pearce – Well this month I have done something a bit different with Teatime. We attended the pole work training with Kate and Sauber. As you all know, Teatime and I love to do dressage. So I thought, let’s do something different for a change.

It was a fantastic training session with Nikki Lumb, we did some really interesting exercises with poles….there’s more to poles then trot poles and jumps! The exercises we did will help my dressage and Teatime definitely picked up his feet l. I’m sure this will make his schooling a lot more fun and varied. I can’t wait to put what I learnt into practice and attend another training session.

Training by Kate Hopper – Hi All, can you let me know what training you would like this year? We can’t make promises but we will do our best. If you could also let us know what days of the week & what times are good for you we will do our best to accommodate. Finally if anyone has any preference to a location, please tell us. We do have some restrictions with parking, availability & cost with some venues, but your suggestions would be very welcome. Email Kate at huskykate4@gmail.com

Summer Camp – 2nd – 4th August at Paddocks. I still have spaces and we are still taking deposits.

Rising Stars show jumping – this popular team event is being held by WSRC. I am collating teams and already have 3 who would like to do the 60 cm. We will send as many who want to compete. Details are over there!

Chairwoman – Kate Hopper, Pleasant House, Clayhidon, Cullompton, Devon.

EX16 3TS. 07707815610 huskykate4@gmail.com

Secretary – Tricia Budd, 24, Newlands Grove, Ruishton, Taunton, Somerset.

TA3 5JJ. 01823 442597 triciabudd24@gmail.com

Treasurer – Deana Rowland, Coombe Hill House, Symonsburrow, Hemyock, Devon. EX16 3XA. 01823 680021 deanarowland2@aol.com



Class 1 Youngstock – Open

1st HenyfynyGold Top Lisa Fowler

2nd Comet Michelle Cook

3rd Caulan Merri Sara Llewellyn M 4pts

4th Roundhills Magic Montans Rebecca Bahrami

Class 2 Mountain & Moorland

1st Dion Michelle Cook

2nd Brunan Spartacus Ellie Wallace M 5pts

3rd Caulan Merri Sara Llewellyn M 4pts

Class 3 Coloured Horse or Pony

1st Golden Phoenix Sarah Jane Lowe

2nd Gadence Harry Sylvie Bellenge

3rd Centyfield Cutmill Ray Norton

4th Comet Michelle Cook

5th HenyfynyGold Top Lisa Fowler

6th Roundhills Magic Montans Rebecca Bahrami

Class 4 Open Horse

1st Golden Phoenix Sarah Jane Lowe

2nd Escribano Anna Stewart M 5pts

3rd Ash Debbie Howe

4th Centyfield Cutmill Ray Norton

Class 5 Open Pony

1st Dion Michelle Cook

2nd Flojo Gracey Montgomery 5 pts

3rd Otztaler Amakai January Tewson

Class 6 Foreign Breeds/Arabs

1st Escribana Anna Stewart M 6pts

2nd Roundhills Magic Montans Rebecca Bahrami

3rd Otztaler Amakai January Tewson

Class 7 Cobs

1st Teddy Emma Chase

2nd Garlence Harry Sylvia Bellange

Class 8 Veteran Horse or Pony

1st Peppermint Emma Chase

2nd Coco Springs Nicola Shakeshaft M 5pts

3rd Dream Alliance Clare Sandarcock

4th Jingo Laura Chilcott M 3pts

Class 9 Child Handler

1st Peppermint Emma Chase

2nd Flojo Gracey Montgomery M5 pts

3rd Coca Springs Charlotte Greenaway

Champion Dion & Michelle Cook Reserve Champion Escribana Anna Stewart


Class 10 Best Turnout – Open

1st Bertie Grace Gendall

Class 11 Novice Ridden – Open

1st Bertie Grace Gendall

2nd Harlequin Prince Janice Stoker M 5pts

3rd Egwysfach Robbie Katie Bennett

4th Escribano Anna Stewart M 3pts

5th Ash Debbie Howe

6th Otztaler Amakai January Tewson

Class 12 Lead Rein Pony

1st Peppermint Alexa Kavanach

Class 13 Veteran Horse or Pony

1st Justin Grace Gendall

2nd Coco Springs Charlotte Greenaway

Class 14 Mountain & Moorland

1st Trejorya Noalwyd Natalie Pastor

2nd Applewitch Roan Majic Emily Vincent

3rd Justin Grace Gendall

4th Eglwysfach Robbie Katie Bennett

5th Annandale Foxy Roxy Sonya Jones

Class 15 Coloured Horse or Pony

1st Janton Touch of Gold Katie Bennett

2nd Harlequin Prince Janice Stoker 5 pts

3rd Lottie Amanda Champion

Class 16 Open Ridden Horse

1st Janton Touch of Gold Katie Bennet

2nd Queen Cee Emma Knight

3rd Croxley Jaz Victoria Owen

Class 17 Open Ridden Pony

1st Willowway High Jinks Alinson Tomlinson

2nd Otztaler Amakai January Tewson

3rd Newoak Allspice Emma Knight

Class 18 Cobs

1st Teddy Emma Chase

2nd Harlequin Prince Janice Stoker 5 pts

Class 19 Competition Horse or Pony

1st Willowway High Jinks Alison Tomlinson

2nd Janton Touch of Gold Rosie Bennet

3rd Croxley Jaz Victoria Owen

CLASS 20 Foreign Breeds / Arabs

1st Newoak Allspice Emma Knight

2nd Otztaler Amakai January Tewson

3rd Escribano Anna Stewart 4 pts

Champion Trejorya Noalwyd & Natalie Pastor Reserve Champion Bertie & Grace Gendall

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