March Newsletter

There is light at the end of the tunnel! The evenings are drawing out, the daffodils are in full bloom and every time I groom Gem I am woollier than she is; spring is on the way! The BHRC committee has been extremely busy; we already have a full year of events planned, training is well established at Conquest and our Spring Show is at the end of this month. Jill Perrior would be grateful for a few more helpers to make the day flow in its usual smooth fashion. I am in charge of poo picking if anyone wants to help me out? With that in mind, please read the following item below.


In the light of the recent Equine Flu outbreak, The Blackdown Hills Riding Club will be following guidelines / rules as set by the specific venues that we use, to hold our events. These guidelines may vary from one venue to another. In the interest of the health of your horse and the possibility of you being able to compete, it is advisable that you have your horses inoculated against the illness. Please check each venue’s website for their update on their ruling.
Below is such an example taken from The Stretcholt Equine Centre.


In the face of recent equine influenza outbreaks the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) asks all event organisers or coordinators to check equine ID passports of all horses attending your event:

Ensure that the horse (or pony) has received two injections for primary vaccination against equine influenza given no less than 21 days and no more than 92 days apart. Only these two injections need to have been given before a horse/pony can attend. In addition, if sufficient time has elapsed a first booster injection must be given no less than 150 days and no more than 215 days after the second injection of the primary vaccination. Subsequently, booster injections must be given at intervals of not more than one year apart. Any horse not complying with the vaccination rules should not be unloaded nor any horses travelling with it and they will not be allowed to participate in any session.

Future Events – more details will appear on our web site, Face Book page and the Riding Diary.

  1. Spring Show – 31st March @ Heazle. Please contact Jill on 01823 480349 if you can help out.

  2. Rider, Horse and Saddle – A Match Made In Heaven?

Aoife Cooper, MChiro  & Nicola Nicholls saddle fitter and Wow saddle consultant. *Present an evening about the influence of the saddle on the horse and rider, straightness and balance and how chiropractic care can help* Neroche Village Hall. 7pm. April 10th 2019. This is a free evening put on by BHRC for BHRC members, their friends and family. Everyone is welcome. Contact Nicola on – or contact Tricia and she will forward your email to Nicola and Aoife. During the evening they will be offering free spine checks and booking for free saddle check!!! Light refreshments will be available for a small donation. I expect to be skipping along like  a spring lamb  after this!

  • Dressage Competition @ Conquest – Sunday 28th April. The schedule is on our website. Joy is now taking entries and this event is expected to be very popular.

  • Clear Round Jumping – 10th May, 7th June, 12th July & 9th August at Paddocks. 6.00 pm start. £3.00 per round, rosette to all clear rounds.

  • Summer Camp 2nd, 3rd & 4th August (Friday eve – Sunday afternoon) Details below, £100 per person, £80 deposit required to secure your place. New for this year; camp starts on Friday evening with members and committee getting together over dinner. Kate Hopper (BHSAI) and Karen Court (BHSII) will be doing a lecture, demonstration and/or stable management on Saturday and Sunday. There will be a dressage competition on the Sunday which is open to ALL BHRC members. Help at this event will be very gratefully received; even an hour filling flasks is greatly appreciated.

  • Strictly Dressage-2-Music– 29th September at Conquest. D2M and BD classes. Booked and going ahead, Kate and Tricia will organise some training for those members who would like to enter but are a little unsure. More details later in the year

  • Summer Dressage League – (Friday evenings) June 21st. July19th. August 23rd. all at Paddocks, 5.30 pm start. Schedule is on our web site and on The Riding Diary.(part of it is below) Joy and Sara are in charge! They to, would be grateful for some help.


Training (polework/gridwork/jumping) with Nikki Lumb (BHSAI, Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship) at Conquest 6 – 7pm on 28th March, 11th & 25th April.  These are all Thursday evenings  in the indoor school. £20 per person, no more than 4 in a group. Body protectors are recommended for seniors and compulsory for juniors.

Flatwork Training with Karen Court – (BHSII, RDGAI) at Conquest 6.30 – 7.30 pm on 3rd and 17th April. Both Wednesday evenings, £20 per person, no more than 3 in a group.

If you’d like to join in please contact Deana Rowland either by text message 07841012410 or email to put your name down. 

Payment is required at least 7 days before session date and will secure your place. Late bookings will be taken if space allows. Cancellation policy is on the website. 

BHRC Summer Camp at Paddocks Equestrian

2nd, 3rd & 4th August 2019

Four rides – squares, triangles, circles and rectangles


5.00 pm onwards – arrive and settle horses

6.30 pm approx.  Teatime; everyone is welcome!


9.00 – 10.00 am Squares flatwork lesson

10.15 – 11.15 am Triangles flatwork lesson

11.30 – 12.30 am Circles flatwork lesson

 12.30 – lunch

1.30 –2.30 – Rectangles flatwork lesson

2.30 -3.00 – stable management/lecture/demonstration

3.15 – 4.30 – Squares SJ lesson

4.45 – 5.30 – Triangles SJ lesson

Evening hack to the local pub (Farmers Arms) followed by a barbeque


8.00 am breakfast

9.00 – 10.15 – Circles SJ lesson

10.30 – 11.45 – Rectangles SJ lesson

11.45 – 12.30 – lecture/demonstration/stable management

12.30 – lunch

2.00 – 3.30 approx. – Dressage competition open to ALL BHRC members – £8.00 per entry – Intro A or Prelim 12.

(Members attending camp do not pay)

4.00 – presentation of prizes and afternoon tea

4.30 – muck out stables and box up to go home

FAQ’s and questions you may not have thought to ask!

  • You are welcome to come to Paddocks on the Friday afternoon/evening. Your stable will be ready from 5.00 pm at an extra cost of £10. Your dinner and breakfast will be provided by BHRC and several committee members will be there to welcome you and help you settle in.

  • Most stables are on shavings

  • You need to provide your own hay, please make sure the hay doesn’t get mixed in with the bedding.

  • You do need to provide hard feed for your horse.

  • You will need water buckets.

  • You may wish to bring your own mucking out tools. (a wheel barrow is especially helpful)

  • All YOUR food is provided but you may wish to bring a cake or crisps to share

  • You will need to provide your own alcohol!!!!

  • If you are vegetarian or have a food allergy, please make sure we are aware of it before camp starts.

  • It is recommended that adults wear a body protector for jumping. (This is compulsory for juniors)

  • You are automatically entered for the dressage competition but it is not compulsory! You can enter either Intro A or Prelim 12.

  • All juniors must have a responsible adult stay with them at night

  • £100 per person. A non-returnable deposit of £80 is required to reserve your place. We take a maximum of 16 at camp therefore the first 16 to pay their deposit will have a place. I will also have a waiting list.

  • Everyone attending camp gets a T shirt, the size guide is below. I will order XL for everyone unless you tell me you want smaller.


The 2019 BRC rule book is now out and can be downloaded from the BHS web site. I have downloaded part of the dress code below. Please note, hats do not have to be tagged for BHRC events, but they do, if you are representing the club at Area level.  The tack rules are different for each discipline. I suggest you check the rule book if you are at all unsure.

Hats – (Must be worn to at least this standard with a harness properly adjusted and fastened – Skull caps must be worn with a silk). All Hats must be BRC, PC or BE tagged.  PAS 015: 1998 or 2011 provided they are BSI Kite marked or Inspec IC Marked VG1 01.040: 2014-12 provided they are BSI Kite marked or Inspect IC marked.

Jodhpurs & Breeches – White, cream or beige breeches or jodhpurs.

Boots Long riding boots designed for riding are to be worn. Short riding boots with gaiters of the same leather and colour may be worn. Suede half chaps may be worn providing they are of identical colour to the boots and have no decoration or tassels.

Jackets & Shirts – Jackets or smart fitted waistcoats may be any conservative colours in muted tones; they may not be multi coloured or boldly pinstriped. Subtle pinstripes are permitted, as are colours and contrast piping to collar, lapels, pockets and vents. Service dress is permitted as is a tweed jacket with coloured stock or collar and tie. White stocks, white American collar or white shirts with collar and tie may be worn. Plain, dark coloured waterproof coats may be worn in wet weather.

Body protectors – A body protector Level 3 2009 or after purple label or a blue 2018 label or after should be fitted and worn as per the manufacturers’ guidelines. Hybrid Air- jackets and air jackets incorporated into a blouson style jacket are permitted. Exo Body Cages are permitted with a Level 3 2000 purple label.

Hair & Jewellery – Hair must be neatly secured and MUST not hang lower than the shoulder line when standing normally. Any item of jewellery or alternative medical treatment wrist bands must be covered up by clothing or gloves, if they cannot be removed, at the riders own risk.

Gloves – Gloves must be worn in all dressage tests.

Whips – One whip of any length is permitted for all BRC dressage. Whips must not be used in a way or be of a length that disturbs other riders and may not be picked up if dropped during a test.

 Spurs – The band around the heel must be smooth and spurs must be made of smooth metal, be blunt and be incapable of wounding a horse. Comb, tines and ‘spursader’ style spurs are not permitted. Spur designs which include necks set to the inside of the heel, roughened/ cutting edges or serrated spurs with or without necks are not permitted. Spurs with smooth rowels not exceeding 1cm are permitted. Spurs must be made of metal, although spurs with a smooth rotating rubber, metal or plastic ball on the shank or ‘impulse spurs’ are permitted. Dummy spurs are permitted and if there is a shank it must not exceed 3cm for seniors or 2.5cm for juniors; for Horse Trials, spurs must not exceed 4cm. Spurs may only be worn in the traditional manner, with the curve, if any, pointing downwards with the shank pointing to the rear and the end clearly horizontal to the ground or pointing downwards. All spurs are measured from the back of the boot/inside of the spur.

At the discretion of the Official Steward and judge, competitors may be permitted to ride without jackets or waistcoats in excessively hot weather. An American collar, correctly fastened stock or a suitable shirt* that fastens at the neck (not bright or multi- coloured) with a tie must be worn.

*BHRC insists on a LONG SLEEVED SHIRT for all disciplines if you are not wearing a jacket.*

Chairwoman – Kate Hopper, Pleasant House, Clayhidon, Cullompton, Devon. EX16 3TS.   07707815610

Secretary – Tricia Budd, 24, Newlands Grove, Ruishton, Taunton, Somerset. TA3 5JJ. 01823 442597

Treasurer – Deana Rowland, Coombe Hill House, Symonsburrow, Hemyock, Devon. EX16 3XA. 01823 680021


Held by kind permission of Kate Baker
‘The Paddocks’ Bickenhall TA3 6TS

Dates: Friday (early evening) June 21st.

            Friday (early evening) July 19th.

            Friday (early evening) August 23rd.

Friday June 21st.

Class 1 BD Intro A (2008) Walk & Trot   (rosette to all entries)

Restricted to combination of horse and rider not to have been placed 1st in any dressage event.

Class 2   Prelim. 7 (2002 rev. 2016)   

Class 3     Prelim 12 2005 rev 2016

All entries in by June 15th. to Joy Brown (see front cover for address) ) times will be posted on our web site. Alternatively, please ring for times between 7pm and 9pm on Thursday June 20th. Tel: 07756773010.

Friday  July 19th.

Class 1     BD Intro B 2009  Walk and Trot (rosette to all entries)

Restricted to combination of horse and rider not to have been placed 1st in any dressage event.

Class 2       Prelim 18 2002 rev 2016 – (*qualifier for the WS&DD Championships)

Class 3       Novice 27 2007 (*qualifier for the WS&DD Championships)

All entries in by July 13th. to Joy Brown (see front cover for address) times will be posted on our web site.  Alternatively,  please ring for times between 7pm and 9pm on Thursday July 18th. Tel: 07756773010.

Friday August 23rd. 
Class 1     BD Intro C 2016  Walk and Trot (rosette to all entries)

Restricted to combination of horse and rider not to have been placed 1st in any dressage event.

Class 2    Prelim 13  2006 rev 2016   (*qualifier for the WS&DD Championships)

Class 3    Novice 28 (2008)   (*qualifier for the WS&DD Championships)

All entries in by August 17th. to Joy Brown (see front cover for address) times will be posted on our web site. Alternatively, please ring for times between 7pm and 9pm on Thursday August 22nd . 07756773010

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